Born Addicted and Found Love

Today I met an amazing little girl who has triumphed over many odds. Her beautiful name is Madison Renee Cole and she is 8 months old. I felt today was the best time to begin writing my first blog because Madison's story touched my heart so deeply.

Madison was born on May 23, 2016. She is the third of three sisters and was born addicted to meth and heroin. Since birth, doctors have stated she sustains a delay on her left side of her body and despite the odds has become the most remarkable and beautiful angel. Currently, Madison resides with her loving and incredible foster mother Taylor and grandmother Amy. Taylor & Amy attribute so much love, kindness, and strength into Madison's life that she is bound for true greatness.

At first glance, Madison touched my heart; her bright blue eyes intrigued me and then her wonderful and jovial mannerisms were captured in such a mesmerizing way. I will remember this day for the rest of my life because I truly came across a Hero.

Madison Renee Cole

Treasure Valley, Idaho

Cell: (208) 620-9130



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