Where to do a milk bath maternity & how to set up

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Flower crowns, lacey sheer gowns, a warm bath with beautiful aromatic fragrances all around you. That is a maternity milk bath. Milk bath maternity sessions showcase serene moms to be floating in luxurious tubs of milk and flowers all around them. Despite creating a gorgeous aesthetic, milk baths actually can help moms to be achieve that pregnancy glow. As Rosemarie K. Chuha, Licensed Esthetician with The Rose Room says, "Nourishing milk is the go to for all skin needs for anyone, but especially moms to be. Milk treats conditions from excessive dryness to acne, irritation, and rough textures. Even if you have none of those, the combination of vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients will leave your skin feeling extra soft, extremely hydrated, and plump."

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How to prepare and make a milk bath

1. I am a sucker for natural indirect sunlight and open space, so pick a bathroom with a nice sized tub with a lot of natural light. I personally love jacuzzi tubs because they are spacious for the mom to be.

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2. Have your handy dandy flash ready. I use Yongnuo Flash YN600ex-rt.

3. Have a lighting setup, just in case there is a low light situation. Also, I suggest always do thoroughly research on the location you’ll be doing photos at.

4. When you get to the location with tub, setup lighting, camera, etc.

5. Next, start filling up the tub with HOT water. I noticed that once I am done filling up the tub with the HOT water when I start adding the milk the water does get much cooler.

6. Add milk to HOT water; depending on the size of tub I generally use 2-4 gallons of vitamin D, Be sure to let the milk settle (10-15 minutes) because it does tend to leave bubbles.

7. Before having your client fully engulf herself in the water, have her slowly put her foot in to test the waters. If the water needs to be cooler or warmer add milk or HOT water. Once, the water is perfect, then have your mom to be get in while be careful about makeup and hair. Drain or fill water as necessary.

8. Once mom to be is in and all settled that is when I start placing REAL flowers only leaving 2 to 3 centimeters of stem to help them float better on top of the milk and water mixture. Fake flower sink, DON’T USE THEM. I find flowers that are wide seem to float a little longer before sinking. Roses are great too and if buy them in a day in advance and leave them by a window to bloom they look extra full.

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What to wear for a milk bath

While you can certainly go au naturel in your birthday suit, if you’re wondering what to wear for your milk bath maternity session, we have suggestions for you.

1. COSYOU Womens Maternity Dresses Gown Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

2. Avidlove Women Lace Kimono Robe Babydoll Sexy Lingerie Mesh Chemise Nightgown Cover Up

3.TOUSYEA Nightgowns for Women See Through Dress Lingerie Sets Swim Cover Up Sheer Maxi Dress

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