7 tips to make photo sessions easier with children

Let’s face it, photographing children can be challenging, but the JOY and FUN we can have doing it is so much more rewarding. Whether you’re looking to launch a career in children portraiture, want to capture moments with your own family, or need tips for your upcoming session I have the tips and tricks to help photograph children the EASY WAY.

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As Hayley Johnson says in Clickin Moms Blog, “Whether you’re taking photos of your own kids in the backyard or you’re shooting photos for a client, prep is important. The most important pieces of preparation? Sleep and food. It probably sounds obvious, but I promise you it’s a total game changer.”

Go to checklist:

-Stay positive and happy, remove stress and frustration, sing songs, and prepare all the children by letting them know “an awesome and fun lady photographer is going to take our photographs”

-Make sure they have napped and been fed; let’s face it we can all get HANGRY.

-Bring snacks as a positive reinforcement for good behavior, but keep them in the car. We definitely don’t want stains or blue lips LOL.

-Bring a favorite toy that brings comfort. They make great photos.

-Bring facial tissues and bug spray. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten bitten SO MANY TIMES before remembering to bring the bug spray. OUCH!

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2. Ditch the POSE GUIDE

The amazingness of photographing children is capturing them as they are and the BEST shots are often unrehearsed. Children are always honest and comfortable with themselves. Children don’t struggle with being self-consciousness that us adults seem to develop. The rawness of children is captivating because children don’t fake their emotions. As a photographer, we need to be prepared for candid moments the children are best photographed when they are smiling, laughing, playing, or even running.

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3. Speak their language

Get to know the children, engage with them by asking about their ideas and using them. Never talk at them or down to them. Talk about real things. Ask them what they like to do for fun. Learn about them.

4. Be silly

Let loose, have fun, be silly, dance, tell funny jokes children will understand, joke and goof around. Be a TOTAL GOOFY GOOBER (That’s Right! SPONGBOB FAN here). Sing songs, laugh together, tell a story.

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5. Get down on their level

Children are tiny so we’re more than likely to be much taller than them. Don’t spend all your time looking down on them. Get low to the ground, on their level, and connect with them.

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6. Don’t tire them out

Don’t overdo it, if they are showing sign of being done - THEY’RE DONE. (= Bottom line, time is precious when photographing children - DON’T WASTE IT. Don’t mess with your equipment over and over or continually look at the back on your camera with “Oohs and Awws.” I know they are so cute. LOL Travel light and shoot quickly.

7. Have a “Friend” on your camera

I have seen it time and time again - young children can be intimidated by the camera. The solution to this problem is to introduce them to your camera buddy. I love mine from Shutter HuggerIT IS A TOTAL HIT!

Johnson, H. (2018, April 20). 7 ways to make photographing kids 10 times easier. Retrieved November 17, 2020, from https://www.clickinmoms.com/blog/photograph-kids-easy/

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