5 tips to take a selfie like a PRO

(This is for you guys too)

Let’s take a second to stroll through your camera roll, I willing to take a bet that you banked somewhere between 5 to 450,000 shots until you got the PERFECT one, right?! Don’t worry, we all do it. I certainly did before I learned how to take the BEST shot. Nailing a selfie isn’t easy; it takes precision and know how. Taking the LEADING selfie is all about the right combination of light, angle, setting, and photo filters (when needed). 

1. Lighting is Everything

It sounds pretty obvious, but the first rule of a great selfie is to pay close attention to your surrounding light. You need a good source of lighting. Natural lighting is the best, but if you really want to step up your selfie game purchase a beloved reflector or inexpensive soft box. Me personally, I prefer the natural window lighting option because it looks and feels more realistic and looks superb. In fact, excellent lighting can actually make undereye circles and shadows totally disappear.

So instead of facing that beautiful mug of yours towards the computer screen, television, using your phone flash, or worse taking a selfie in a dark room turn towards a big window with natural indirect light. And better yet, use a piece of white paper and hold it underneath my chin. This amazing technique creates a natural bounce of light, illuminates the face, and also reduces the double-chin effect.

with softbox

Untitled photo

with natural window light

Untitled photo

with window light and softbox

Untitled photo

2. Avoid Shadows

I am sure you’ve taken a few in your time, that awful image with a huge shadow cast over face. I have done it too, don’t feel bad. But guess what?! I have the answer - when in doubt, face directly into or away from the sun, or pick a spot under a tree. If it's the middle of the day and the sun is high, the shadows can look like bags under your eyes. You don’t want that, trust me. Golden hour is always the best time to shoot a photo which is during sunrise or sunset, when the light is low and the most beautiful.

3. Play with Angles

First and foremost, NEVER shoot from under the chin, it is not flattering and there are few people who actually look good in them. I haven’t met one, have you? When taking a selfie, hold the phone so that the bottom of it is level with your eyes. Even better, use a selfie stick. I know, they're silly in every way, but if you hold them up high they make everyone look slender and total model status. Another great tip as  CreativeLive mentions in their blog about helpful tips Sue Bryce offers for taking flawless selfies, "push your chin forward and down a little to avoid the dreaded double chin and always look into the lens, not at your reflection in the camera."

Untitled photo

4. Don't Over Edit

Don’t do it, just don’t! Unnatural is not the way to go and over-editing does just that. While I am all for editing and filtering, don’t adjust your selfie to the point that it doesn’t look natural. The key to editing is using a light touch of editing and filtering. Only touch up the areas that are super obvious to you, leave the fine lines because they make you look human. When using a filter, you have the option to not use it at max capacity; however, instead of just selecting a photo filter on Instagram, click on the filter itself until the sliding bar comes up. Once, the slider comes up, you can reduce the filter, making the selfie appear a little less edited. Additionally, you can tap edit and adjust the brightness, warmth, and so on.

Untitled photo

5. Natural Expressions, Have Fun, and Pose

Use different expressions: smile, show your serious face with slightly puckered lips with some space in between them (NO DUCK LIPS!), use your hands and bring them up to your face, be flirty, and just pose and work it! As OnlineMom says in their blog, "The best selfie expressions are the ones that come naturally. If you are feeling mysterious, be mysterious, if you are happy, laugh, smile, show some teeth. Don’t force a specific expression, you will end up looking uncomfortable." Another great tip is keeping your eyes shut until the moment before you take the shot. It looks FRESHTRUST ME!

Happy young woman wearing silk pajama taking selfie in the morning, sitting on window sill.  She has wavy blonde hair. Room with turquoise wall on background..

Coffee photo created by lookstudio - www.freepik.com

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