Mommy and Me photos capture the essence of you and your child/children.

The bond between a mother and a child is unlike any other; it is one that must be captured because it encompasses the love and relationship you share with one another. Let’s be honest for a second, majority of time you’re the one behind the camera in family photos and hardly ever in them, right? Even when having family photos professionally taken you’re generally worrying about everyone else and don’t stop to relax and enjoy the photo session? Am I sensing a yes? Lol, I thought so!

I’ve recently been reminded that life is truly precious, short, and are filled with moments we sometimes take for granted. Being in more photos with your children is fundamental and this is why I have come to realize how essential Mommy and Me photo sessions are. Now is the perfect time to capture memories with your child or children, regardless of where you or your child/children are in life.


-I accept Cash, Money Order, Cashier's Check, and *Debit/Credit Card through Square ONLY. I DO NOT accept check or PayPal.

-I also accept Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and Facebook Pay when needed.

*Note: Debit/Credit Card does have an additional surcharge of 4.5% as well as the 6% Idaho State Sales Tax.

-I offer Complimentary In-Person and Over-the-Phone Consultations for all Packages. Please Contact Me for details.

-Turnaround for all Portrait Packages is 2 to 3 weeks.

-Need your photos rushed? Rush Fees will GUARANTEE you receive your photos in the time-frame you need them. Rush fees costs depend on the time frame and number of images that are within your session contract. Please Contact Me for Details.

-All Packages require a Non-Refundable $50 Booking Fee which is applied to the total session cost. The Non-Refundable $50 Booking Fee is due within 24 hours (unless otherwise agreed upon) of scheduling the session. If the Non-Refundable $50 Booking Fee is not paid within 24 hours (unless otherwise agreed upon), the session date and time will remain open.

On the day of your session, the remaining balance plus 6% Idaho State Sales Tax will be required to be paid in FULL. Foreign Perceptions Photography understands situations occur and emergencies happen; therefore, in the case that a session date and time needs to be rescheduled we ask for at least 72 hours notice for rescheduling. In such a case, the Non-Refundable $50 Booking Fee can be applied to another session and/or rescheduling. It is the client's responsibility to make sure all parties are informed and any arrangements are made for session appointments.

By paying the Non-Refundable $50 Booking Fee, you are agreement with Foreign Perceptions Photography and accept terms and conditions.

I Thank You for Your Service! Receive 10% off Military Discount with Valid ID

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